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Leiria - Franchising

Rua Capitão Mouzinho de Albuquerque, nº 93, R/C
Store 13


Phone: (+351) 963 357 162

GPS: 39.7477002, -8.8063847

Lousada - Franchising

Av. Combatentes da Grande Guerra, 384, 1º Andar
Store 13


Phone: (+351) 967 832 336

GPS: 41.279290, -8.288704
Max Center

Max Center - Franchising

Barrio Kareaga
Store A7, Barakaldo

48903 Bizkaia Espanha

Phone: (+34) 944905678

GPS: 43.288974, -3.008063

SMK Point


The concept is based above all on the SMK irreverence. To each piece, fashion show or collection, the brand sets new limits to cross. This desire to innovate requires conciliate of way very original new design solutions and quality, in order to break down barriers in the demanding market of fashion.

This rebellious spirit and ambitious projected the brand and allowed conquer your space on the national scene. Growth is also a necessity that

SMK imposed upon itself in this sense, the brand provides an international affirmation.

Today is represented across the country, even as in Europe (Andorra, Cyprus, Spain, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland) and in Africa (Angola).

As such, the expansion affirms itself as a crucial point in the company policy. With three official stores in Portugal, the year 2012 was marked by the opening of the first point of sale outside national borders, in Spain.

Product / Quality

The SMK commercializes Jeans, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Coats, Blasers, Belts, Underwear, footwear and accessories. All products featured excel in unique design and quality workmanship.

In apparel industry, the SMK prides itself in developing products that are 100% National. This policy results from the partnership with companies specializing in the manufacture of clothing to ensure higher quality materials used in manufacturing and comfort of their products.

Intended Audience

The SMK is for males. Viewed the variety of offering their products, including children, young adults, the intended audience of the brand consists of men of all ages.

With rebellious spirit, the consumer SMK is also characterized by a strong personality and character determined. Men with urban style, relaxed and irreverent the audience also seek to quality and unique design.

Why SMK?

The SMK is to delineate a policy for growth and expansion sustained. In this sense the service SMK POINT is crucial to its success.

With a notable presence in Portugal, the SMK has enhanced its marketing abroad. SMK currently has three official stores in Portugal (Porto, Braga and Vila do Conde ) and Spain (Bilbao). Alongside the official stores, much of the volume of business of the brand is established in multibrand stores.

In this sense, SMK seeks to attract customers resellers, and other potential stakeholders, for the exclusive sale of their products.

Built on a strong marketing policy and communication, SMK provides increased brand notoriety through a presence nationally and internationally. By integrating this project to expand the brand, the franchisees embrace an opportunity to establish your own business, supported by a growing company.


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For more information, please contact us:

Rua da Indústria, Lote 4
4805-270 Guimarães
Phone: 253 478 709

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